One of the primary concerns of any bride on her wedding is her appearance. Her dress, shoes, hair have to be perfect and of course her make up has to match too. She has many people to impress on the day – the most important being her husband who will be waiting expectantly to see the beauty whom he would have as his wife. This and the fact that the make up has to be all purpose i.e suitable for both the outdoors (natural lighting), indoors (artificial lighting) and the glare of the cameras flashing lights. This all put a lot of pressure on the make up artist who has to sculpt the best look to ensure that all these requirements are all met to his/her clients are expectations.

In this article we look at  Zimbabwean Makeup artists who if hired to style you on your wedding day will ensure that you look you best.


Location: Harare 

Zimbabwean Make-up Artist Taku Scotty on Wedding Expos Africa
Zimbabwean Make-up Artist Taku Scotty

Currently one of the most sort out celebrity stylists, Taku Scotty as he prefers to call himself will ensure that your vision for your wedding day is replicated in reality. He is responsible for most of Mukoko hitmaker Ammara Brown’s amazing looks both on stage and off stage. Although his portfolio has enabled him to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, Taku still remains very much down to earth and treats all his clients like the royalty they are.

Call him to book your appointment on: +263783286697


Location: Bulawayo

Zimbabwean Makeup Artist Mat on Wedding Expos Africa
Mat styles a Bride on her wedding day

Hailing from the City of Kings and Queens, Mat has hands with a royal touch indeed. What others might find difficult, Mat can do without exerting too much effort. And when one talks about gifted hands then these make-up Artists’ hands can be named amongst them. With over 2 years experience in making women look beautiful, Mat is the go to person if you would like to achieve a complete transformation on your big day and look your most ravishing.

Find him through the following channels:


Location: South Africa

Vongai Mavingire - Wedding Expos Africa Zimbabwean Make Up Artist
Vongai Mavingire – Make-up Artist

When a service provider is proud of their services they become the very embodiment of their brand and become their own ambassador. Vongai is one such beautician, who instead of using models, prefers to use her own face as a canvas on which to advertise her services. If you are a bold bride who intends to make a statement on her wedding then Vongai is just the make up artist you are looking for. In addition to makeovers, she also has a YouTube channel which she currently runs which offers free make up tutorials to those who are interested in learning how to apply their own make up.

Find her through the following channels:


Location: Harare

Zimbabwe Make Up Artists on Wedding Expos Africa
Style By Empire Logo

Based in the hustle and bustle of Harare’s city centre, the Empire Beauty Salon is conveniently located so as to provide ease of access to all its’ clients. Run by it’s friendly and effervescent founder Fungai who also doubles as an event organizer and brand manager, the Salon delivers all promises as advertised on their Facebook page and promotional materials. Pop in to the salon one of these days and you just might be lucky to bump into one of the many Zimbabwean celebrities who visit her for their hair and beauty treatments.

Find out more on about Style By Empire: or +263771 570 018

These are by no means the only Make-up artists in Zimbabwe, however they are currently amongst the service providers whose services we can vouch for. If you have any other Make-up artists that you would recommend to brides please add them in the comments below.

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  1. I can vouch for Make up by Gamu (refer to her Facebook link below)
    She is extremely talented whether you are looking for the natural look or want to go all out and doll-up you just looking amazing after she has done your make up and she is very professional; take time to sample her work and go through pics:

    1. Wedding Expos Africa

      Thank you for reading and for the recommendation. We will look her up and see for ourselves what you mean. Hopefully we will be able to include her in a follow up article

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  3. I totally agree!!! Gamu is just pure magic… poda by Chipo too how did you get to these 5?

    1. Wedding Expos Africa

      Thank you for the feedback. We arrived to these through recommendations like the ones you’ve just given us. A lot of brides that we have interacted with were impressed by their work. We will look into all the suggestions that you’ve given us and we will include in the future.

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  5. Gamu isn’t on this list? She’s definitely one of the best!

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