We walked down the stairs near the Choppies shops, and then to my surprise, I saw him go down on his knees right in front of the Choppies door and kneeling there, he popped the question.I had to make the biggest descion of my life at that door. I guess I took too much time to respond because everyone was shouting “say yes” and some guys from the crowd, actually came to kneel with him.

Bulawayo being the second largest Zimbabwean city is known more for its’ leisure and social scene than it is known for its size. For the newly engaged couples who hope to host their wedding in Bulawayo this not only means more fun for their guests but more wedding venues to select from! Worry not though…

The “I DO” Wedding Expo for 2017 will be held on 29 April at at the Brightest Bubbles venue in Harare. The expo will begin at 8 o’clock in the morning and round up later in the evening at 7 o’clock. Entrance to the general public is free however, wedding service providers will have to pay for stands on which to exhibit their goods and services.

Our wedding was always planned for before the idea really transpired. We had a 300 page diary that we used to exchange between the two us during our dating years. In it each of us would write whatever idea or dream came into mind regardless of costs. We would state our dream venues, the cars we wanted, marriage officer, the menu, the dress code, guest number, entertainment, etc. After the proposal and after he had done the lobola ceremony it was now just a matter of discussing and agreeing on best options

When Rudo Wuragu, a beautiful young vocalist in the Gweru based Joyful Praise Choir met Gamaliel Madindi during a Gospel Show in Gweru in 2012, she knew she had met a man like no other. Love blossomed soon afterwards and the two who met and fell in love publicly acknowledged that theirs was a love which was a reward from God through a unique Bush Themed Wedding at Victory Life Tabernacle church

Besides the obvious questions such as cost, capacity and location, there are more questions that a prudent couple needs to ask before deciding on a wedding venue. Most couples make the mistake of not asking enough questions when doing their venue shopping and end up committing to a venue that they end up regretting. Having worked in the wedding industry myself and having had the pleasure of organising quite a number of weddings, I have managed to compile a list of questions which you should ask wedding venue managers or owners.