Ntokozo Buhali (groom) and Nobesuthu Nkomo-Buhali (bride)

Wedding Date: 29 October 2016

Venue : Site BB, ZITF, Bulawayo

How you met

She was my sisters best friend. One day when I came home from boarding school I found her at home and now I can say it – it was love at first sight. I started to develop an interest in her and I would create stories and excuses just to be with her during the school holidays. We started off as friends, hanging out together until she invited me to church, then we became church mates. It took me about 2 full years to make my intentions known.

The Proposal Story

He works out of the town and usually comes back home on Fridays every week. So after 8 years of dating, on the 6th of November 2015 he called and said he was taking me out for dinner and I should dress nice and meet him at Cattlemen Bulawayo exactly at 7pm. When I got there I found about 15 of our friends, the church youth mentors and his sister. Shocked as I was he just whispered that its just dinner with those that matter to us. During dinner, he had arranged with the MC of the event that he will act as if he is saying a speech. He gave me a champagne bag, inside was a personalized bottle with the big words WILL YOU MARRY ME. Unnoticed, whilst I was reading the message on the bottle, he was behind me, kneeling and with the ROCK in his hands. I was shocked and it took me ages to come back to my senses with a resounding YES, I mean, who can ever say NO to such sweetness.

The Planning Process

We have always had passion for event planning which brought us to forming our Events Company (Total Quality Services). So our wedding was always planned for before the idea really transpired. We had a 300 page diary that we used to exchange between the two us during our dating years. In it each of us would write whatever idea or dream came into mind regardless of costs. We would state our dream venues, the cars we wanted, marriage officer, the menu, the dress code, guest number, entertainment, etc. After the proposal and after he had done the lobola ceremony it was now just a matter of discussing and agreeing on best options. We also used our experience in handling other peoples weddings.

The Suppliers / Creatives

As we mentioned above, we are in the same industry and there are people whom we appreciate and are inspired by, so it was easy to contact them and we were shocked to discover that they had always wanted to do our wedding and were competing for the platform to do that. Through our business networking we created links and we have those people who cover our backs as we do theirs.

One thing you’d change

We would change the time we had set for photography session. We finished the ceremony when it was already dark so some backgrounds didnt come out as we had envisioned.

We also have a new quality system of controlling the guest list as we ended up having more guests than budgeted for and some having to be chased away due to a lot of misunderstandings


They say the wedding is for EVERYONE and everyone has to attend so that had a negative impact towards controlling the guest list because even if we stressed that the wedding was strictly by invite, our parents would go all the way to invite even their burial society friends.

We also would have loved to book into a hotel with the bridal team on the wedding eve (separate places of course) but it was taboo so we had to be stuck in our respective homes. Finally, we wanted to fly out immediately after the wedding for our honeymoon but the elders requested our presence for a ceremony back home so we had to cancel our tickets.

Summarize Your Wedding in 7 Words

It was a wedding of the century

Bridal Team

The bridal team was made mainly of our best friends dating from our school days. These included the following;

Ladies: Sindiso Sibanda, Nonsikelelo Ncube, Kgaboipioe Boipelo Nare, Simelinkosi Sibindi and Sindisiwe Nkomo.

Gents: Boeketo Abu-Basuthu, Mncedisi Buhali, Mbongeni Sibanda, Sidumo Dube and Thokoza Ncube.

We chose them because of their constant unwavering support to our relationship. They were, and are still supportive to us. They made a vibrant team and are good dancers so we were assured of some great entertainment. Soon after the wedding we organized a get together braai as a token of our appreciation to them and we still hang out together as a team, celebrating each others success and important dates like birthdays. We have dedicated ourselves to be their wedding planners when bells ring.

Cherished Wedding Moments

Our vows which were read from scrolls, a fleet of BMWs for bridal team, IYASA performances, crowd dances, Babongile Sikhonjwa (wedding MC) antics and Sis Thokos various dishes. Basically, every moment was worth cherishing.

The Wedding Style

It was an evening wedding. Dress code was vintage (for ceremony) and Indian (for reception)

The Dress

Brides dresses were tailor made by Tsitsi Kumire of Kumaya Fashions who had always been the brides tailor. The dresses were specifically made out of lace material imported from Italy.

The grooms first suit was bought from House of Gentlemen in Harare and then the second one was tailor made by Brandroom in Bulawayo.

Biggest Spend

More money was spent on Deco and Catering. We valued Sis Thokos services and the quality she provides. This was worth every penny.

Advice to Other Couples on the Planning Journey

Enjoy the planning and dont endure it. It is about making the most of your once in a life time moment. You will not agree on all things but it is important to compromise for the sake of your partner. Remember to have a vision about your day and dont just go with it, be 100% involved. Seek advice from other married guys. They have gone the same route and have a lot to offer. Lastly but not least, always involve God in your plans. You may have excellent service providers in town, the best this world can offer but on the wedding day there be confusion and disorder you wouldnt explain so pray for your day.

The Creatives / Vendors

Photographers: Mthokozisi Gwebu (NextLevel Photography- +263713914556), Isaac (Ice Media- +263775539635) and Charlie Ganyanhewe photography- +263777448632

Venue: Site BB, ZITF, Bulawayo

Dress: Kumaya Fashions- +263772808762, Brandroom- +263779966485 / +263776858329 and House of Gentlemen- +263772268780

Jewellery: American Swiss, South Africa

Make-Up: Amanda

Hair: Emmanuel

D├ęcor/Venue Styling: Sis Thoko- The Events Company (Facebook)

Flowers: Scott Florimers, Bulawayo

Caterers: Sis Thoko- The Events Company (Facebook)

Wedding Planner: bride and groom

Entertainment: IYASA and One Stand Band (to consult for all contacts)

MC: Babongile Sikhonjwa

P. A. Systems: Our own P A System (Total Quality Services)

Dance Coach: Rataelo Maphala- +263775181840 and Nkosiphile Ndlovu- +263778142586

Cake: Alice Ngwenya Cakes- +263772987902

  1. Thank you guys for inviting me to that heavenly wedding …..i enjoyed every second of it …..bravo bravo

  2. mmmmmm, sounds like a dream, y did i miss it?
    well done u two

    1. Wedding Expos Africa

      You really missed out. But At least you get to see all and read all the information that you missed on the actual day here. Next time when they have their anniversary you can also join in the fun

  3. It was an amazing wedding…you guys really planned your wedding day.

  4. The wedding was well planned and everyone enjoyed esp friendzoners. Thank u Mr and Mrs Buhali.

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