Planning a wedding can be especially hectic if one doesn’t have the information that they require on their fingertips. Our blogs principal aim to provide visitors to our site with as much information as they need in order to make wedding planning easier.Towards this end, we have compiled a list of wedding venues which Harare brides can consider as potential wedding venues.

The venues listed are not the only venues in Harare. If there is a venue missing, please add its information to the comments section below.

1. Golden Conifer Functions Venue

Address: 30 Quendon Road Strathaven Harare


Phone Numbers: 04 336554 0772519880/ 0718519880/0732519880/

Facebook: goldenconiferfunctionsvenue


2. Alibee Gardens

Address: 303 Gleytwn Road The Grange, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0772 664 459/ 0772 366 989

3.Buxton Farm

Address: 24 Barrington Road, Crest Breeder Hopley, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0772357049/ 0779668871


4. Stephen Margolis Resort

Address: N/A

Phone Numbers: 04—774436/8
0779897192 (Sharon)
0779070906 (Rutendo)

Email: Sharon@stephenmargolis

5. Zimbali Gardens

Address: 26 Cecil Road, Greendale Harare

Phone Numbers: 0778231805/ 04-495332/ 04-4996410

Email: susan@

6. Glen Gardens

Address: 25 Bielby drive
Glen Forest, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0712860458/ 0772776556

Email: N/A

7. Kutsvene Gardens

Address: 45 Highland Glen road
Glen lorne, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0772232676/ 0772721891


8. Wild Geese Lodge

Address: 2 Buckland lane Teviotdale, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0776745809/ 0772145103


9. Amalinda Gardens

Address: Plot 5, Amalinda road west, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0772822127

Email: N/A

10. Shalom Gardens

Address: 24 Glamis road, Hatfield, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0776280406

Email: N/A

11. Victoria Gardens

Address: 24 Wingate Road, Highlands

Phone Numbers: 0778021890

12. Bliss Gardens

Address:Cnr Huyton and Pringle Rd, Mandara, Harare,
Offices: 20 Hurworth Road, Highlands, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0774230106/ 0732200101
Mr Peterson – 0776646873


13. Ebeneezer Palm Tree Gardens

Address: 87 Marwede Road, Snake Park Byo Road, Harare

Phone Numbers: N/A

Email: N/A

14. Pabani

Address: 25 High Glen Road Umwinsidale, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0772285156

15. The Ranch

Address: N/A

Phone Numbers: Netsai – 04-780876
Mrs Sibanda – 0772856383

Email: N/A

16. Henley Gardens

Address: 111B Henly drive, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0774433941

Email: N/A

17. Parwizi Functions Venue

Address: N/A

Phone Numbers: 0775884070/ 0712207270


18. Tiffany’s Venue

Address: Grand estate, Marwede, Harare

Phone Numbers: 0775962419

Email: N/A

19. Raintree Venue

Address: N/A

Phone Numbers: Ian – 0772236864
Cindy – 0772333965


20. Umwinzi Gardens

Address: N/A

Phone Numbers: 0784768168

Email: N/A

21. Speybey

Address: 2 Chinoia Close

Phone Numbers: N/A

Email: N/A

22. Tynwald Gardens

Address: 1 Tynwald Avenue, Westgate

Phone Numbers: 04-305853/ 0712420056

Email: N/A


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