Don’t let a shoe string budget come between you and your dream wedding. 

We all want beautiful things, but beautiful things all require money in order to acquire them. For new couples, their budget and need to save for the future can stand in the way of them having  a wedding that they will remember for life. We firmly believe that every bride and every  groom should have the wedding of their choice and no one imposed on them by their budget. There are plenty of ways to cut costs but still ensure your dream Wedding comes true. We have included essential tips in this article to assist you towards achieving your wedding goals and it is our hope that they make a big difference in your wedding planning process. 

Start Saving Towards Your Wedding

Ladies it’s never too early to plan your wedding. Naysayers will come up with all sorts of reasons and superstitious beliefs to deter you from planning ahead. However, listening to negativity really can only yield negative results. A few pennies each month towards your dream will relieve you of a lot of stress when the time to we’d comes. Nowadays opening a bank account can be as easy as buying a new line  or merely subscribing to the wallet accounts (ecocash, telecash, netcash) of your telecoms provider of choice.

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Doug and Flora Events – Zimbabwean Decor Company

Alternatively one can take advantage of the bonus savings account which local banks are currently promoting. The one I personally fell in love with is the Barclays Bonus Savings Account. Click here to find out more. If opening accounts might seem too laborious, one can simply go the piggy bank way. You can convert old containers into piggy banks by depositing a few coins as a start. 

Have A Clear Financial Plan

Budgeting is as un- African as it is European. However, if you intend to have smooth sailing on the actual day and afterwards you will need to have a clear financial plan guiding you during the planning process. No matter how small or insignificant the expense is, it still has to be accounted for. You need to sit down with your partner and discuss what expenses you have and who will foot the bill. One of our couples Anna and Cleophas Matinhari says they worked out their budget and then pledged towards contributing a certain amount of money each months towards the financing of their big day. Click here to read more Wedding planning tips from this couple. 

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I frankly did not know what DIY meant until a tight budget forced me to be creative. Lucky for you though, by the end of this tip, DIY will be as easy as Do It Yourself to cut costs during wedding planning. 

You need to identify the strengths that you have as a couple and the strengths which those your family and friends have. There are tons of things which you can do yourself instead of hiring wedding vendors. One family helped the wedding couple through providing the catering and decor services. Decorating became a fun family activity which got everyone involved in making sure that the big day was a dream come true for the couple through. If your groom is amazingly talented when it comes to graphics then instead of hiring a graphics designer to design your wedding invites, you can use some of your free time to make the designs yourself. Another idea would be to subcontract friends and family to invest their special skills and talents towards enabling you to achieve your ideas at a lower cost. 

Schedule Your Wedding To Be In The Off Season 

Take advantage of the discounts and promotions which will be in abundance during off seasons to stay within your budget.

Service providers flactuate their prices according to the season. Due to the high demand for wedding service providers in peak times, wedding vendors hike their prices and reduce their prices during the off seasons as a way to attract clients. So instead of hosting your wedding during the prime wedding season, have your wedding in months which most couples don’t like. 

Bulawayo Wedding Venue: Lalani Hotel and Conference Centre
Bulawayo Wedding Venue: Lalani Hotel and Conference Centre

Take Control Of Your Guest list 

Africans have a very budget unfriendly habit of bringing plus ones without their hosts consent leading to the guestlist ballooning uncontrollably. Most wedding services like venue hire, catering and decor are charged per head (per person) hence the more the people on your guest list the more costly your expenses. 

Take control of your guest list by emphasizing to your guests that only those with invites will be granted entry into the venue. Some venues also employ mechanisms such as the guest card system and guest lists to control the numbers. 

These are just a few tips which you can use to cut costs during your wedding planning. Remember to tell us if you have any special tips which could help other brides stay within budget. And if you have used any of the tips that we have mentioned, please tell us more about how that worked out for you. 

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