Wedding planning is easy, right? Wrong! When most brides and grooms set out to plan their weddings, they think that it will be easy. But a few days, weeks or months into the planning process it becomes clear that wedding planning is not as easy it seems. Why? Because planning a wedding is basically event planning and it has many different aspects to it.  Hence it requires a skill set that includes creativity, adaptability, communication, resilience, problem solving, knowledge, etc. This is why wedding planners and wedding coordinators exist. Unfortunately, hiring a wedding planner/coordinator is out of the question for most couples. For some, this is because their budget would not be able to accommodate the extra expense whilst for some, this is because they would rather do the planning themselves. Hence why we decided to host the Wedding Wisdom Workshop.

What Is The Wedding Wisdom Workshop?

The Wedding Wisdom Workshop is a one-day wedding planning workshop designed to empower engaged couples that are planning their wedding day. The first workshop was held in 2018 and since then we have helped many couples during the planning process.

Our main goal is to equip you with all the wedding wisdom that you need to be a wedding wise bride or groom!

Wedding vendors will train engaged couples on the different aspects of wedding planning. You will hear from wedding venue owners, florists, bakers, make – up artists, etc. whose main goal is to help you to make the best decisions regarding your special day.  

Our semi-formal and interactive setup allows brides and grooms to freely ask the wedding vendors questions and receive feedback instantly. 

Who Should Attend The Wedding Wisdom Workshop?

This workshop is ideal for every bride and groom. We can help you regardless of the stage you are at with your wedding planning. Our Facilitators have been planning weddings for years hence they most likely have the answers to any questions that you might have. 

What Will I Learn at the Workshop?

At the end of the day, you would have gained a holistic approach to wedding planning. You will learn how to: 

  • Budget 
  • formulate a wedding planning strategy
  • Cut costs and stay within your budget 
  • Search for wedding vendors 
  • Select wedding vendors 
  • Choose your wedding dress or bridegroom suit
  • DIY 
  • …. do a lot of other things not listed here!

Most importantly, you will learn how to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process!

We can’t wait to have you for our next wedding planning workshop! To find out when we will be having the next one, click here

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