Our Story

About Wedding Expos Africa 

Wedding Expos Africa is the home of Wedding Expos in Africa.

Founded in 2016, Wedding Expos Africa is making strides within the African wedding scene by providing a bridge between the bride and groom and their wedding providers of choice.

We achieve this in two ways:

  1. Virtual Platform 

    Through our website listing platform, engaged couples can find out more about wedding vendors in their city or country. 

  2. Wedding Workshops/Expos 

    We host our own wedding expos and wedding workshops such as the Wedding Wisdom Workshop. We also partner with other companies and co-host bridal shows or wedding-related events. In addition to this, we assist wedding expo holders with advertising and digital marketing of their events. These events provide great platforms for engaged couples to meet wedding vendors

How Does Wedding Expos Africa Help Brides?

If you are a bride or groom who has just found out about Wedding Expos Africa, this might be the question running through your mind.

Here’s how we help engaged couples:

We believe that wedding planning should not be stressful hence our focus is on providing brides and grooms with pertinent information about weddings, service providers, and wedding shows/expos.

How Does Wedding Expos Africa Help Wedding Vendors?

We provide service providers in the wedding and events industry an online advertising platform which promises their businesses exponential growth as our audience reach crosses borders.

We currently provide listing and advertising space in our wedding providers’ directory. To take advantage of this, one can create an account through which they can select the listing package they prefer to use to list their services. 



Who We Are

Mission Statement

         To  showcase the best of African Wedding Expos and Bridal Shows

Vision Statement

To provide a platform for wedding providers to showcase their services to brides and grooms.

To bridge the gap between brides and grooms and wedding service providers.

Our Values