Congratulations, you’ve made it into the bride squad! Here are 5 things you should do as a bridesmaid:

Being chosen to be one of the bridesmaids is an honor. Think about this for a moment – out of all her friends, the bride chose you to be there with her on one of the most special days of her life. She could have picked anyone else but she picked you. Without her even saying a word, she has communicated loud and clear how special you are to her.

If of course, you are a true friend, then you will wonder how you can help to make her day as special as possible. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of 5 ways in which you as a bridesmaid can make a positive impact on your friends’ wedding:


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Kundai and Ralphon their wedding day. Pic Courtesy of Ernest Mackina Photography



1. Remember It’s Her Wedding Day and not the Bridesmaids’

We all have our likes and dislikes and sometimes these might not be exactly similar to the brides.

Maybe your friend loves pink and you loathe it. The problem now is: not only does she love pink but she has made it her Wedding color. And what it means is that you will have to spend a whole day wearing the dreadful color.

It’s not fun but sometimes, especially when it comes to weddings we have to make sacrifices.

As a bridesmaid, you have to be willing to sacrifice some of your personal preferences to make the bride happy. Always remember to do it with a smile. After all, it’s her special day.

2. When In Rome Do as the Romans Do

This saying is thrown around quite a lot and I am going to throw it in here!

In the context of a wedding, it means trying to respect the bride’s family culture or religion.

Some cultures or religions do not permit the wearing of certain accessories or pieces of clothing. Some only allow social gatherings on certain days. And some prohibit certain foods from being consumed.

Take time to find out about these and make an effort to adhere to the guidelines as much as possible.

For instance, if being a part of the bride squad requires you toning down on the makeup a bit or not showing as much cleavage as you normally do.

Respect this and conform to avoid unnecessary discomfort or embarrassment for you or your friend.


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3. Tell The Truth

When the bride asks your opinion about something – tell her the truth.

She might not want to hear it now but she will appreciate your honesty when you save her from making a bad decision.

Share any interesting or relevant information with her. Maybe you heard of a sale on wedding accessories or there is a wedding event happening in your area, pass on the information to her. You never know what could end up being of use.


4. Help Out Were Necessary

Wedding planning is a very difficult and stressful process. The bride might have a wedding planner helping her out or she might be a seasoned wedding planner herself but at one point or the other, she will need help.

Hence it’s always wise to try to find ways of easing her load. Ask her if she needs assistance and ensure that she knows she can count on you if any assistance is needed.

Sometimes she might need monetary assistance and if you have it at your disposal, then, by all means, do help her out.


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5. Be Cheerful

If you are unlucky and your friend is a bridezilla, this could be difficult. Nevertheless, you still need to keep your spirits high.

Bring your optimism and good vibes to all the meetings before the wedding. And at the wedding, be your happiest.

If the bride squad has friends of the bride whom you don’t know, try to strike a friendship before the wedding.

This will help you to be comfortable around each other on the wedding day.

It means, the photographer will have more opportunities to capture you and the other bridesmaids truly enjoying the wedding just like you would with life long friends. And it also means less drama and more fun for all of you!

It’s not an easy job being part of the bride squad but it can be fun if you do all it takes to enjoy yourself.


I hope these tips help you on your journey as a bridesmaid.

In addition to the suggestions that I gave, you should think about why a bride should have bridesmaids. This will help you to better understand why being a bridesmaid is an important task. On a lighter note, if you do manage to execute your job well, you just might be lucky enough to receive a bridesmaid gift for doing a marvelous job. 

I’d love to hear all about your bridesmaid experiences, do share them in the comments below.

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