8 Things Your Wedding Guests Would Tell You If They Could Be Really Honest

We cannot do without our wedding guests but at the same we could do without them. Wedding guests are important to the wedding couple, they occupy a special place in their hearts.  And this is why they were chosen to grace such an important day in the couples life. But they are also a source of problems and pressure at the same time.
But like them or not, there can be no wedding without wedding guests.
However, Despite their importance, brides and grooms sometimes fail to think about what the guests thoughts and feelings are. This is why we have decided to play the devils advocate and give them a voice.
Read below to find out what wedding guests truly think about weddings:

We Came Only For The Food

One of the most anticipated moments of the whole wedding is the wedding lunch or dinner. Some guests even come on any empty stomach simply because they know you have prepared a scrumptious meal for them.

Ensure that the food is plentiful and is served on time. This would really make your guests happy to be at your wedding.
You might want to kill it in terms of presentation but at the end of the day greatly presented food which fails to date your guests appetite is of no use to any body. Don’t drag the ceremony unnecessarily and by all means dear brides, please make it to church on time!

All We Really Want To See Is The Brides Dress

We don’t really care about the decor or the types of dance floor that you had custom made for your wedding. Neither do we care about the gold chivary chairs that you hired nor your mothers’ imported two piece suit.
All we really truly care about is the way the bride looks. We are concerned about the dress, the hair the makeup and even the shoes (too bad we cannot see them beneath the long skirt)

A Wedding Is Not A Wedding If The Bridal Team Doesn’t Dance

Once upon a time, a long time ago, brides knew this and they made sure they would practice for months on end just to master the foxtrot.
But, now?!
No one wants to dance any more. Blame it on modernization! Besides kissing, all we want to see you doing is dancing. We want to see you get down. We want the bride to dance so hard that the in laws and the neighbors will question the brides level of morality
And the bridal team? Those ones should definitely earn their spot at the high table… you can’t just sit and look pretty. Get up and entertain us already!

Kiss already

If you would kiss all day we definitely would not complain. Just kidding.
The wedding kiss is what makes a wedding. In Africa, you can only know that your relationship is legitimate when you can finally kiss your person in front of your family members and they actually ululate instead of kicking you out of the house.
We know you’ve kissed before behind closed doors, so please do not pretend to be shy. Go on ahead and show us what we have all been waiting for.

We are not interested in the preachers long sermon

We are not interested in the preachers long sermon.
I repeated this on purpose just to make sure you got it.
For some odd reasons, African preachers seem to think that spending two hours talking and talking is what the wedding guests care to the wedding for.
But it’s not.
Best believe all the wedding guests are sitting in their seats, moaning and groaning and hoping that the preacher could get to the end of his sermon. If your preacher really has important points to stress to the couple, maybe he could do this in a private conversation with the two?
Because truth be told, Wedding guests are really not interested in the nitty-gritties of how to be the perfect spouse. They’ve already heard it a million of times before at other weddings.

Wedding cards aren’t really important to us

Wedding invitations serve two important roles. Their main purpose is to invite people to your special day. However, they can also serve to inform them of your wedding colors and any special rules that you might have.
In the olden days, you definitely had no option but to invest in paper invitations. This was because you had no other way of communicating with your guests.
But nowadays, you can opt for the digital wedding cards. These can be sent via WhatsApp or other messaging apps. And this can go a long way in saving you some of your hard earned dollars.
Few people keep wedding cards after all and printing cards could just be a waste of money. Unless of course, you really want to stick to the traditional way of doing things or you just want to satisfy your ego.

The sun, the cold and the rain! Be decent enough to consider the weather when selecting venues

Garden weddings are scenic and beautiful but they cease to lose their charm when one has to spend more than a couple of hours under the glaring sun without adequate cover.
Summer wedding are the dream for most brides and grooms but they can soon turn into a nightmare when the heavens decide to let it rain.
Yes, you could be lucky to have great weather on your special day, but just in case you do not. Do make sure that you have contingency plans put in place.
Hire tents or opt for wedding venues with built structures like Gazebos. You could also ensure that every guest has an umbrella if you do not want to use tents or buildings a cover.

We want the cake too!

I do not know how many times I’ve gone to a wedding and missed out on the wedding cake.
If I do get some cake it’s so small that it’s not even supposed to be called a slice or piece of cake.
I think anyone who has ever gone to a wedding has at some point experienced this. We all truly want to know, What really happens to the wedding cake?
No matter how many tiers the cake has or how big it is, the pieces are never enough.
When planning your wedding, do consider investing in cake boxes and placing cake pieces inside for your wedding guests.

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