Basil Takudzwa ‘Taa” Jacobs and Alphinah Sally Jacobs nee Makotose’s wedding interview

The Beginning

Initially I saw him in Shurugwi as a I stood by waiting for a cab to take me home on Christmas eve of 2013. He was with his sekuru. They kindly stopped the car and asked me where I was going. I told them I was going to a place just close by but due to the amount of luggage that I was carrying and the presence of my little nephew, it was difficult for me to walk. They said, “well we are in a bit of a hurry and we are going in the opposite direction, but if we come sooner we will take you home,” they came back for me in a flash and yes the rest merged into chemistry over long distance mostly until just after our wedding. Since then the 24th of every month has always been a celebration of how we met.

Takudzwa Jacobs and Alphinah Makotose's wedding on wedding expos Africa

The Proposal Story

Taa kept asking the reasons for us to be in the relationship. He was so ready to settle down from the moment he met me( that’s how he said it). He did however engage me the English way(lol). It was a surprise dinner at the Delhi Restaurant in Harare. It was a complete surprise and I was in shock, he went on one knee and I said yes.I didn’t see it coming on that day really. I kept complaining how I hadn’t even really dressed up for dinner. This was 6th August 2016 and a year later we tied the knot.

Before the wedding

I was blessed enough to get 2 bridal parties from my wonderful mothers from the church I was born and bred in, together with my late parents and then courtesy of my family too. I felt the presence of my mum among all those women. It was such an emotional yet amazing time with them.

The Wedding Details

Wedding date 26 August 2017.

Expected guests were 500…..more than 850 people showed up on the day. We kind of saw it coming though.

Alphinah Makotose and Takudzwa Jacobs wedding

The Planning Process

We decided to get a white wedding around January 2017. Then started planning from then. Family really chipped in. we didn’t feel much of a burden since we were never really on site maybe.

Takudzwa Jacobs marries his beloved Alphinah MAkotose - Wedding Expos Africa

The Wedding Style

The ceremony was English theme

The Dress

My mother in love helped me pick the main ball gown. She has a great eye, and then my great friend Jinx helped me fall in love with the second one where I had to dress down a bit. I loved them all both.


Both families wanted the best for us.. we are more strong in Christianity so the unity in holy matrimony was most important to them both sides.

When you walked down the aisle

Honestly I heard this song a bit later on from the video. I was shivering, my heart beat so fast probably because I couldn’t wait to say I do to the love of my life and the feeling that Mama I made it. The grace of God has seen me here. I think those flowers we hold are specially for support. I remember how I clung so tight on them and couldn’t even see all those people gathered to witness this beautiful union.

Alphinah and Takudzwa Jacobs

When you saw her walk down the aisle

Seeing her walking down the aisle was the first best part of the wedding, she looked gorgeous, l felt as if she was the only woman in the room and at the same time l was greatful to God that finally l had gotten the love of my life right were l needed her, l felt victorious and more of a man, the best day of my life!!!

The cake - Alphinah Makotose and Takudzwa Jacobs

Summarize Your Wedding In 7 Words

Topnotch emotional yet exciting, amazing and such a beautiful day full of joy and love

Takudzwa Jacobs and Alphinah Makotose's bridal team

The Bridal Team

I think this wass the best cooperating, civilised yet fun loving bridal team ever. I can’t believe we are still all so in touch. The teams mingled peacefully and felt as if we had all known each other from back then. We are expecting them all to walk in the same pathway, we are excited to say that from the bridal team two of the guys are already in that path way, Reuben got married and Terry is engaged, I am truly grateful. We wish them both never ending sweets because they all have been too sweet to us. We are forever indebted to each one of them, even the coach was totally part of the family….TEAM SALTAA

Aphinah Makotose and Takudzwa Jacobs wedding on Wedding Expos Africa

Cherished Wedding Moments

Every part I can think of; from Taa whispering, “Wow! You look gorgeous my love oh my God”, to the VOWS, to my aunty giving a heartfelt speech that got everyone emotional and the super dance bridal team which had super great moves.

Biggest Spend

Biggest spend should be the Décor…those chivalry chairs made us sweat a bit kkkk

Zimbabwe wedding decor - Alphinah and Takudzwa Jacobs wedding on Wedding Expos Africa

One Thing You’d Change

We could have made up more time… I didn’t want it all to end. It was too beautiful a moment

Advice to Couples on the Planning Journey

First and foremost; marriage is a blessing designed by God therefore commit all your plans to the Lord. Work within the budget and what you can afford. That is one thing we were careful on. There is life after a wedding. Also take note and maintain a super program. It is key. Enjoy the planning, its probably the first steps to teamwork between the two of you.

The Suppliers/Creatives

Our suppliers came mostly through recommendations from other recently wedded couples and from friends of friends.


  1. Photographer : Warren Photography (0772684848)
  2. Venue: MCC garden Gweru
  3. Jewellery : Sterns SA, Swiss America SA
  4. Make up: Asiyathu Gweru – (0773743363)
  5. Hair: Joylene Authentice Salon Gweru (0773466573)
  6. Décor and flowers: Talg décor Gweru (0775874946)
  7. Caterers: Kingdom Events Gweru (0777033608)
  8. Entertainment: DJ Vas Gweru (0771526244)
  9. MC: MC Present Bulawayo – (0772206600)
  10. Dance coach: (Terry Boss) (0773405750)
  11. Cake: Mrs Jacobs (Sr) (0718114545)

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