Kudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja’s Summer Wedding

Kudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja's Summer Wedding - Real Zimbabwe Weddings - Wedding Expos AfricaKudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja's Summer Wedding - Real Zimbabwe Weddings - Wedding Expos Africa


Kudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja’s lovestory began as a friendship in 2014. Unlike others,this couple decided to engage first before even dating! Theirs is a very unique love story and goes to show that true love can be found in many different ways!

Proposal Story

We knew each other since 2014 and we were good friends but we had never dated before. The proposal was quite unexpected in its randomness. Due to his biblical principles, he just proposed when he came to visit me one day. I was shocked and never believed it, initially, I thought he was joking since he was just a friend to me but as time went on, I realised that he was quite serious. I prayed about it and later agreed since it was an answered prayer, and just like any other lady, my dream was to get married.

Kudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja's Summer Wedding - Real Zimbabwe Weddings - Wedding Expos Africa

The planning process

Our planning process was not as hectic as we expected it to be because we were both prepared. We decided to plan our wedding alone because we wanted a wedding that we would both remember. I was very much prepared in terms of the themes and the ideas for the wedding and my husband also came on board in terms of the financial side of the planning. Because of my passion for weddings, I’d been visiting wedding websites since 2011 researching on possible venues and window shopping on different types of dresses for bridesmaids and wedding gowns, where to get them and which type suited me better. I also looked into the best colour combinations that would make the decorations and pictures look elegant. One really unique aspect of our wedding story is how we actually paid for the venue before the lobola process. Up to today – I love to reference this act as an extreme act of faith on our part. Planning was also easy for us because the venue offered 99% of everything i.e. decorating, catering, chairs tent etc. All we had to look for from external wedding providers were the flowers, PA system and MC.

Kudzai Zengeya and Aaron Kumanja's Summer Wedding - Real Zimbabwe Weddings online

The suppliers

Since the venue offered 99% of everything we needed. The bridesmaids dresses where tailor made by a very professional lady who managed to have them complete within a space of just two weeks. The ladies did a final fit and they were nicely packed and delivered. Suits were also tailor made by a different tailor who was as equally professional as the one who tailored the ladies dresses. The venue provided us with food ingredients and quantities which were specific to the number of guests and the menu we had chosen. The list also included some referral shops that we could purchase the ingredients from.

One thing You’d change

I would not change anything about my wedding because everything was in perfect order.


Culture didn’t really impact much on our wedding. The main culture we observed was the lobola ceremony which is a mandatory part of any African wedding. I am happy that by God’s grace everything went well. Also as a Christian family we kept everything as Godly as possible.

Cherished moments of the wedding

The sermon presented by the marriage officer about the three pillars of marriage (which are knowledge, understanding and wisdom) was my personal favourite moment. I also enjoyed the unique wedding dances. We also printed and framed our vows so that they act as reference points if one of us fails to keep his or her promise. The speeches made by my father in law, mother in law and husband’s boss were very heartwarming and the dance by my father in law is something I will never forget.

Our theme

Our theme colour was royal blue,silver and peach.

The dress

I had two beautiful white dresses. One was a ball gown and the other one was short. I bought both of them from a local lady who imports the dresses from China.

Advice to couples planning their wedding

Couples should put God first in everything they do. They also need to have a debt free wedding which is within their budget. A lot of research has to be done in order to learn more about the venue. If possible, I would encourage couples to visit potential venues when there is a wedding before making a choice. You should also have the best photographer because what you live with after the wedding are the memories. Also buy some of the things needed for the wedding bit by bit in order to avoid last minute rush.

The creatives

Here is a list of the people who helped Kudzai and Aaron achieve their wedding vision:
Photographer: Milz 7 media (0774066394)

Venue: Golden cornifer (Abigail – 0772519880)

Dress: Kwame mall (Shiela Chikanyawu-0772931280)

Jewellery: Kwame Nkrumah mall

Make up: Kudzai Mugwagwa (0778078263)

Hair: Charity Mukamba (Red Rose salon Rezende street – 0778047431)

Decor: Golden Cornifer (90772519820)

Flowers: Mrs Shumba( Flower Point – 0712268059)

Caterers: Golden Cornifer

MC: MC Norman

PA system: Knowledge (0773832851)

Dance coach: Brendon S-J Matanhire Apoluoski (0776464698)

Cake : Mrs Kumanja (0772967373)

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