Kundai and Raphael’s garden glam wedding was splendidly executed and easily ranks as one of our own personal favourites. When we first saw their wedding pics on their photographer Ernest’s timeline we were blown away and immediately knew theirs was a story we would love not only to hear but to share. The couple agreed to the interview and answered all the questions that we had for them. To see more pictures from their wedding click here

This is what the couple had to say about their love story and wedding day:

Ralph and Kundai
Ernest Mackina Photography
  1. The Beginning

We met via a mutual friend. We both attended the same high school but at different times. The mutual friend knew us both and introduced us. We started of as friends a decade ago and after two years of friendship Raphael asked me out. I accepted and the rest is history.

Kundai looks at Ralph Kangai on their wedding day - Wedding Expos Africa

  1. The Proposal Story

It was supposed to be a normal weekend getaway, but it turned into one of the happiest days of my life. I had been complaining about wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the office. He surprised me with a weekend getaway to Nyanga, he never let on that this was going to be any different from any of our other getaways. We spent the day ambling along the green mountainous paths and frolicking in the lawn taking in the breathtaking scenery. As we sat at our dinner table, and I being at my most nonchalant, he got up came across the table, I assumed he was on his way to the lavatory. He stopped dead in his tracks in his tracks beside me, his face became more serious than hurricane Katrina, and he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee. The he popped the question KUNDIE WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Raphael Kangai puts the wedding ring on Kundai's finger - Wedding Expos Africa

  1. Before The Wedding

We got engaged in 2012, hence this was long overdue. We prayed to get ready for the wedding. We continue to place God as the centre of our relationship.

Raphael Kangai and Kundai Kangai stand with their Bridal team after their wedding ceremony - Wedding Expos Africa

  1. The Wedding Details

Wedding Date – 22 December 2017.

Number of guests – 150 people

Where Children allowed at your wedding? – Yes, a select few.

  1. The Planning Process

I was blessed to have my younger sister, Sandra Vimbiso around to help me with my wedding. She was my wedding planner and maid of honour. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude to Sandy-Sue. Her vision, her eye for detail and co-ordination were first class. It’s rare to find someone who can take a thought and make it a tangible thing. From the first meeting where she sat us down and extricated every single detail of what we wanted our day to be like, to the endless hours of making sure that everything that was needed was in place on time I can never be more grateful. I remember the hours upon hours she spent on the phone with the service providers, the countless trips with and without me scouring the length and breadth of the country for the perfect service providers. I remember when we failed to find a certain item how she would get on the phone and liaise with her contacts outside Zimbabwe, where others were quick to tell us this can’t be done or found, she went the extra mile. Her meticulous eye for detail and OCD (lol) made everything come together perfectly. Watching everything come together was amazing. I owe her a great debt of gratitude as wide as deep as the Victoria Falls.

  1. Wedding style

To the point, it was supposed to be garden glam intertwined with evening magic. We both love nature so an outdoor garden wedding was a no brainer, we wanted our guests to absorb the ambience and peace of our surroundings. The sun providing the perfect light for whatever canvas we drew. The evening would morph into a night of celebration reminiscent of an upmarket dining and entertainment affair where the guests would be smothered in great food, and while one palate was satisfied our choice of music and Master of Ceremony would serenade the rest of the senses deep into the wee hours.

  1. The dress

The veil was intentionally long and flamboyant to reflect the longevity and abundance of happiness that I wish for my marriage.

The mermaid shape was a must, inspired by the ballroom gowns from the fairy-tales and movies that I grew up watching like, The little mermaid, Cinderella and Pocahontas. My wedding being my personal fairy-tale nothing else would have done justice. I wanted a dress that would pay homage to my femininity, accentuating my curves but keeping it respectful. The bottom was audacious and puffed out like a peacock’s plumage to represent my sometimes playful nature.

  1. Culture

We were blessed by the fact that we came from very similar deep Christian backgrounds that cultivated the love of God in us, which made the process from lobola to the actual wedding planning less of a stress. We are both young and vibrant individuals whose parents consistently watered the idea of reaching for the stars, dreaming big, and that nothing was ever too far if you tried hard enough. Our wedding was the lovechild of the fusion of our two imaginations.

Ernest Mackina Photography

We chose an outdoor wedding with the back drop of the blue summer sky to match our mantra – the sky is the limit. Intertwined with the soft bright colours which were to give a resonance of light, direction and beauty that my wife possesses and brought into my life as the groom. The gold and white were a reflection of the prosperity and peace I wish for my husband as we grow our bond in marriage.

  1. When you walked down the aisle

I know it will sound cliche and overdone, but John legends – All of me, was playing as I walked down the aisle. This song and its wording perfectly encapsulated every single emotion that I felt at that moment. My knees felt like jelly and I had a ton of butterflies in stomach, and the hundreds of pairs of staring eyes didn’t make the procession any easier. In that moment I realized why the bride needs someone to walk her down the aisle, many thanks to my Brother, Yannick. When I looked up and I saw my everything (Raphael) and my Father standing at the other end , I got that one last burst of Adrenalin and guts to make it to my knight in shining armour.

  1. When you saw her walk down the aisle

My jaw dropped to the carpet, I knew my woman was stunning but I was awestruck seeing her in her gown. My stomach was in knots and I’m sure my heart rate was off the charts. I’ve never seen an angel before, but I am pretty sure in her dress, at that moment, that she is the closest I will ever come to seeing a living, breathing angel. In that moment you realise the gravity of the occasion and I made a promise in my heart to love cherish and care for Kundi to the best of my ability.

  1. Summarise your wedding in seven words.

A piece of heaven on Earth & Love.

  1. The Bridal Team.

The bridal party was mainly made up of close family, sisters, brothers and cousins. My sister was the maid of honour. In African tradition they say it takes a village to raise a child and coming from sizeable families, this was the best way and time to pay homage and say thank you for the input they all had in our upbringing. As a thank you the bridal team got to keep the outfits they wore for the day and 2 nights at Imba Matombo.

  1. Cherished Wedding Moments.

Walking down the aisle will always rank as my favourite. Our first dance as husband and wife. Sitting at the high table and seeing all the loved ones who had come to wish us well was tear jerking. My dad handing me over to my husband and of course the signing ceremony.

Kundai and Ralph sign the certificates - Wedding Expos Africa
Ernest Mackina Photography
  1. How we Kept the Children Entertained?

We had a few children at the wedding, and my loving and ever patient sister in law Tracey who selflessly volunteered to keep the few children present entertained, fed and behaved.

  1. Biggest Spend

Food. My Husband was clear that people had to be well-fed and their thirst quenched. We had cocktails and mini snacks soon after the ceremony. The reception had a three course meal which was superbly prepared by Imba Matombo. A special thanks to the management at Imba Matombo, Denise and Jason for ensuring that everything was on-point.

  1. The Suppliers/Creatives

    We chose our service providers through referrals from family and friends.

  2. One Thing We Would Change

We would change the service provider who did our flowers at the reception, Oreac Events, for her lack of professionalism and dishonesty. We would also change both of us having lost either one or both of our birth parents, nothing would have been better than having them there to witness our big day. That’s the main thing we wish we could change. Many thanks to our stand in family for holding down the fort on their behalf.

  1. Advice to couples on the journey.

It may be cumbersome, stressful and tiring but remember you only get one shot, enjoy it, pray about it and have a ball.

  1. The Creatives.

Ceremony Venue : Kutsvene Gardens

Ceremony Décor or Venue Styling : Kutsvene Gardens

Ceremony Flowers : Anderson the florist(Kutsvene Gardens).

Reception Venue : Imba Matombo

Reception Décor or Venue Styling : Yedatic (Mrs Mazhude)/Oreac Events

Reception Flowers : Oreac Events

Photographer : Ernest Mackina

Videography : O.C Media

Dress : Euro Bride, South Africa

Jewellery : American Swiss

Make-up : Audrey

Hair : Mufaro-The Hair Lounge

Caterers : Imba Matombo

Wedding Planner : Sandra Vimbiso

Entertainment : Brian Kadengu (Acoustic Singer)

: The Amazing Crew (Dancers)

Master of Ceremony : MC Phil

PA Systems : DJ Toni

Dance Coach : John Cole

Cake : Talent. (She is based in WestGate).

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