How Wedding Companies Can Reduce Coronavirus Problems

To say that the whole world was blinded by the coronavirus pandemic would be an understatement. A few months ago, when COVID -19 came to light, many people including heads of state and government and highly esteemed medical professionals were in agreement that there was “nothing to worry about”. But now, barely three months later, it’s quite clear that there is a “lot to worry about”. This could have been the busiest season for wedding vendors but instead, businesses have been ground to a halt. Countries have imposed lockdowns and bans on functions have been enforced. Irate couples have canceled their weddings. COVID – 19 and weddings are definitely a match made in hell. Service providers have the opportunity to see the negative effects of the pairing first hand. In this post, we give implementable solutions on how wedding companies can reduce coronavirus problems that their businesses are now facing.




What Do I Do Now?

This is most probably the question running through your mind now. With no foreseeable end in the near future for this pandemic, it becomes even harder to plan ahead. How then do wedding companies operating in this situation act?

Don’t Panic, Focus On the Positives

This is a season and this season will pass too. As a business owner, what you need now more than ever is resilience and tenacity. Your time would be better invested if used to look for solutions rather than worrying about the worst-case scenarios. As a leader, your employees and business partners depend on you to be the calm in the storm and to provide a source of sound leadership.


Postpone Don’t Cancel

Speak to your clients and encourage them to postpone their events instead of canceling them. Encourage your clients to be more comfortable with the idea of postponing, you could waiver any postponement fees. Additionally, you could also enable deposits and retainers paid for 2019 dates to be transferrable to later dates. An American company called Honeybook that helps creative entrepreneurs manage their businesses launched an Instagram campaign with the (hashtag #rescheduledontcancel). Their campaign focuses on imploring consumers to postpone rather than cancel their projects or events. In doing so, they are securing future income for a business that may otherwise be barely holding on.


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Create Open Communication Channels

Reach out to your clients as quickly as possible and communicate with them about how you will be handling any bookings and payments received. Be open to receiving their suggestions and assure them that you will take these into consideration. This will put them at ease and they will trust you more. Remember, your clients are most probably worried about what will happen to their weddings and events. They have been planning for months or even years for this particular event but now they are being told all events have been put on hold. Empathizing and seeing the situation through the client’s eyes will help you to communicate better with them. 

Strengthen Your Brand

Whatever course of action you do decide to take, keep in mind that there is life after COVID -19. When this is all over, your business will still require clients and employees. You do not want to be the company that everyone blacklists because of crude behavior displayed during the pandemic.

The COVID -19 pandemic will alter almost all company operations. Some clients will cancel or postpone their events and some will demand refunds. Your day to day operations will change and this will affect your employees. With no income coming into your business, you might face challenges in paying for overheads and salaries.

Contracts signed prior to the pandemic offer companies’ guidelines on how to act. According to most contracts, the Covid – 19 pandemic is classified as an “act of God” and this could is a justification to avoid giving out refunds to clients and to terminate employee contracts. Logically, this seems like the best way to act; however, it would be worthwhile for companies to be more flexible in their interpretations. 

Minimize Your Expenditure 

No one knows how long it will take for the world to go back to normal again. It will be a while before business picks up again even after lockdown laws are eased. It will take time before you will be able to make enough income to compensate for the revenue lost. This is why you should try by all means to save as much as possible. Cut down on unnecessary expenses and only spend what you absolutely have to. Beat the urge to dip into your savings and try to get by with as little as you can. 


We would love to hear from you: How has the COVID – 19 pandemic affected your wedding company and what solutions have you found?

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