When I first thought about devoting my time to wedding related events such as bridal shows and expos, I assumed that most people already knew about them. Nothing could be further from the truth. What I soon discovered was that few people actually knew what wedding expos really are. Today, I will explain what wedding expos are, why they are held and why you should attend them.


What are wedding expos?

When I tell people that I am in the expos business, the immediate assumption is that I expose weddings. Thereby implying that I spread gossip about weddings and air couples dirty laundry. Again, this is another false assumption. The actual truth is that the word expos is a shortcut for the word expositions. Expositions are dictionary defined as exhibitions in which goods or artworks are shown to the public. So wedding expos are events where different service providers who provide wedding related goods or services showcase their products.

Why are expos organised?

Expos are organised for a variety of reasons. I will explain these according to the perspectives of the two groups of people who attend them:

1. Engaged couples

Bridal shows and expos are primarily held for the benefit of wedding couples who are planning their wedding and shopping around for products and services. Different types of wedding vendors will be showcasing their products and couples can view them, take pictures, quotes and vendor contact information

2. Wedding Vendors

Wedding expos are organised for service providers. This is because expos provide wedding vendors with a marketing platform which gives them greater, personalized interaction with their target market. They can talk to couples who come to their booths/ stands and walk them through the services or products that they offer. This gives them more opportunity to get business.

Additionally, expos provide vendors with a networking opportunity where they get to meet other people who are in their line of business or who offer complimentary services. This enables the fostering of business to business relationships and partnerships.

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Why you should attend expos?

Dear brides, if you really want to have your dream wedding, then attending wedding expos will be one of your non negotiable objectives in your wedding planning journey. The benefits that expos provide cannot be missed for anything.

  • The opportunity to find almost all the services that you need for your wedding under one roof. There will be tens if not hundreds of wedding vendors exhibiting at wedding expos depending on the scale of the expo. This will definitely save you the time, effort and transport costs that would be required for you to visit all the vendors that you are interested in at their premises.


  • Most exhibitors will be offering giveaways and discounts to brides and grooms who visit their stands at the expos. This will definitely save you money in the  long run.


  • Most importantly, wedding expos provide you with the opportunity to have all your questions answered. Trust me, all the vendors will be ready and eager to share their knowledge with you. The information they will share will help you make better choices for your big day.


  • Wedding vendors like decorators will have demo tables set up to show the kind of work that they produce. Hence, you also get to shop for ideas to implement on your own wedding day free of charge.


So there you have it, all the information that you need to know about wedding expos. If you have attended any wedding expos, please do share with us the experience in the comment section below.



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